About our Work Together

A Guide to Your Goals

Issues Treated:

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Self-esteem

  • Trauma

  • Adoption

  • Stress Management 

  • Identity 

Therapeutic Modalities Used:

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT): Helps to develop an awareness of the connection between thoughts, feelings, and actions. CBT is a process of exploring ways of thinking and reconstructing unhelpful thoughts (cognitive distortion) to be more positive, helpful accurate, and healthy. CBT can have a positive impact on emotional regulation and the use of coping strategies as well. 

Positive Psychology: Focuses on states, strengths, positive traits, and institutions that promote psychological well-being. 

Adlerian Therapy: Goal-oriented, brief, and positive approach. Focusing on themes of inferiority and superiority, encouragement and discouragement, personality development within the context of family, and social belongingness.  

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Andrew is a therapist that loves to learn about you! There is no greater joy than growth in the therapeutic relationship.

One of Andrew's favorite terms is Self-Actualization - The need for people to reach their full potential. 

Andrew has a unique passion for adoption and adoption-related issues. These issues could range from identity to preparation, to reunification. 

Utilizes an eclectic approach that incles Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness interventions. 

Outside of providing therapeutic services, Andrew enjoys Running, Hiking, Biking, Swimming, Reading, Camping, Sports, Eating, and time with family.